Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Website!

Hey everyone! Today we're launching our new website at kellerparkchurch.org.

Here's some great ways you can make use of the new site:

  1. Bookmark this blog by clicking the star in your web browser. This will help you to be able to check back often to find out all that God is doing in the KPC and our community! If you use a blog reader, like Google Reader, just add us there!
  2. Go to the kellerparkchurch.org website and bookmark that as well so that you can access that easily in the future. Then, take a look around!
  3. Check out the "What's Happening" link to see the upcoming events.
  4. Click the "connect" link in the "What's Happening" section to be taken to a page where you can find all the ways to stay in touch with KPC.
  5. Browse the calendar on the "connect" page. Get familiar with how to move around and see what's happening!
  6. Check out the "Ministries" pages and see the "leadership" page for pictures and contact info for the leaders in the different areas of ministry in the KPC. Click their names to send an email to them!
  7. Check out the "Ministries" > "resources" page. Use the password, "community" to gain access to the Nursery and Spaghetti Sunday schedules!
  8. Read through the "About us" section to explore more about the KPC!
If you have any thoughts or questions, just reply in the comments here or contact Ryan to let me know!

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