Friday, April 15, 2011

Rivers of Life

Last week we went on a River Prayer walk. It was a glorious thing. We brought a guitar and a Bible and walked to a place were we could sit, sing, and pray together. The warmth of the sun reminded us of the Son and how He is the giver of all life. It is so cool to see life come forth during the spring time. It is a reminder of how he brings forth life from what seems completely dead. To grow, the grass and trees and leaves need the sunshine. For us to grow, as a church and a body, we need the Son. Sitting before Him and asking Him to teach us, grows us together in unity and in love.
As summer gets nearer I would love to have more prayer walks through the neighborhood and along the river. If you like the idea, please contact me or talk to me so I can make sure it happens and so you know when and where this takes place. Also, If you sit outside this week just to soak up the sunshine (or even if you don't) I encourage you to sit before our Father and ask Him to penetrate you with His truth.

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