Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prairie Camp

Our month of August has been jammed full of one thing and that is....CAMP! We are extremely grateful to Prairie Camp for providing scholarships for our teens from Keller Park to come to camp. It was 7 days full of fun, challenges, games, services, "real talk," teachable moments, and ultimately showing kids God in all the ways we could find. Kory & I were blessed like crazy to have Brant Nine and Kalyn Lantz come help counsel the kids alongside us. We took 17 kids in all, 10 boys and 7 girls. There were 7 kids that had been to camp with us the previous year and 10 that experienced it for the first time. Camp is a great way to get to know new kids, the good things and the bad ;) We got to know a few special kids that we are hoping can join our ISI group this fall.

Although there were multiple times were we frustrated and tempted to pack up and go home early, God gave us his love, patience and strength so we could make it through. The kids were hard to handle at times and other times a blast to be around. Kory, Brant, Kalyn & I focused on the "little victories" we saw each day with kid's attitudes and decisions. We talked a lot about being what it means to be "others-centered" and not "me-centered." It was fun to see a couple of the kids really soak in truth from the services and to see their desire to live for God despite tough circumstances.

Here are some pictures of the fun we had our first couple days of camp. More pics to come soon.

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