Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ISI/ Youth

ISI is still meeting every Thursday night from 3:00-9:00ish. We spend the first couple hours hanging out, and then everyone usually arrives around 5:30. We all sit around our table and eat dinner together, family style. After dinner we have what we call "Real Talk." Real Talk is when we share openly and honestly about situations going on in our life or talking openly about the topic that was brought up for the night. This semester we've been focusing on what TRUTH is. We talk about different lies that we believe and then we figure out what the Bible says so that we can know the truth. Every topic is one the kids have brought up. Our first week we talked about the lie- "it's ok to sin," the second week we talked about the lie "it's all about me" another week, "everybody's doing it" etc. It's been a great mixture of fun and fellowship, and it's really cool to see the kids growing in their knowledge of Christ.

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