Monday, March 21, 2011

KPCourt is opening soon!

Spring is near and warm weather almost here! People are starting to come out of hibernation and enjoy the nice weather. Kids are begging for the court to be opened. Everyone is ready to be out and playing again. Although we have opened the court a few special times for the neighborhood kids we are not officially opening the court until April 1. The court will be opened in April during the after school hours of 3 until dark. It is our hope that our neighborhood will continually learn to protect the court from vandalism as they take pride in the court and claim it as their own.

We are very excited about events and things to come on KP Court. Be looking for more updates later about KP Basketball Camp, adult open court hours, soccer open court hours, softball league, and more...

But until then come on out and enjoy the court! It was made to be used by YOU! Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the neighborhood. Enjoy some exercise.

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